A little bit ABOUT ME!

Hi, my name is Shekhar Suman, I am 23 (now 28) and I am a Mechanical Engineer by profession. I graduated from Indian School of Mines and I am currently employed in NMDC Ltd..

I have always liked designing and drawing. I have played a lot of games in my childhood (I still do) and I wanted to create one on my own. And so it began. Once I came across Box2dWeb and I soon fell in love with it! But I found very little tutorials for it on the internet. Most of them were in C++ or Flash. So I thought of writing a blog for myself as notes so when I learn something and if I forget, I don't have to look far. I never knew it would be followed by a substantial number of people. :)

Most of my skills and knowledge are self taught (thankyou Internet), so if there is any mistake in any of my posts please forgive me and let me know.