Gesture controlled Solenoid


As the title suggest this blog post is going to be about controlling a solenoid using only gesture. This is a very basic project using APDS9960 Gesture Sensor module (apart from Touch less Gesture Sensor, it also offers ambient light and color measuring and proximity detection), a 12V DC Solenoid, a Relay Module and an Arduino Nano.

What will happen here is that when you use UP gesture, solenoid's plunger will move forward and when you use DOWN gesture, solenoid's plunger will retract. Solenoid and 12V power is connected to NO of relay and when relay is activated on UP gesture, solenoid activates upon completion of circuit.

There is a lot of potential in this project. We can use it to make Gesture protected Box, which opens only after a combination of certain gesture.

Connections are pretty basic. Here is the Fritzing sketch and video of the setup in action.

Sketch - Gesture Controlled Solenoid

Gesture Controlled Solenoid

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